Lucky for us, in Charleston, Spring always comes a little bit early. This warmer weather puts a pep in our step and gets us in the mood to reboot our home decor and do a nice deep clean. It’s a great time to open the windows for a few hours and let in some fresh spring breeze, especially before the heat comes to town. With the windows open, it’s time to get busy and tackle those areas that are often missed on regular cleanings. Here is your checklist for those most overlooked items:

  • Windows  – It’s time to clean inside and out! Although for the outside we recommend waiting until the pollen isn’t as bad, otherwise, you may have to clean again.

  • Curtains – Along with the windows, remove the curtains for a deep clean. Check your curtains to see how they need to be washed. They may need to be professionally cleaned.

  • Baseboards – Wipe away dust that has collected over the winter months from your baseboards. We do recommend vacuuming carpets and taking the brush attachment to vacuum the baseboards before wiping them down, as the vacuum can tend to move dust back around.

  • Cabinets – Wipe down cabinets and knobs to remove any buildup from cooking in the kitchen.

  • Refrigerator – It’s time to remove all food from your fridge and freezer and wipe it down with antibacterial wipes to get rid of any food smells or stains. Don’t forget to wipe the outside down, as well as the top.

  • Countertops – If your countertops need to be sealed, make sure you are sealing them to protect them from daily use. After they are sealed, wipe them down with a special cleanser.

  • Dishwasher – It’s time to run an empty load using a special cleanser to clean the inside of the dishwasher. This can help to prolong the life of your dishwasher.

  • Oven – Clean the inside of your oven to help get rid of any food that has fallen. This food continues to burn, which makes it hard to remove. If you have a self-cleaning oven, run this feature to help remove some of this build up that may have accumulated on the bottom. Clean the range and burners to remove any stains or residue.

  • Trash Cans– Wipe out all trash cans and spray with a disinfectant spray.

  • Carpet – Deep cleaning your carpet can give your entire home a fresh new smell. Carpet accumulates so much dirt. First, remove any stains using a carpet cleaning foam and then deep clean using a steamer. All the carpet to thoroughly dry before allowing any foot traffic back in the area.

  • Area Rugs – Remove all area rugs and have them deep cleaned or spot clean at home. We recommend removing so you can clean the floor underneath.

  • Floors – Sweep and mop to ensure your floors are shiny and clean in each room.

  • Tub/Shower Tiles – Tiles can hold a lot of bacteria if not thoroughly cleaned. Make sure you are cleaning between each tile to remove any buildup that may have accumulated.

  • Washing Machine – Just as you did with the dishwasher, run the washing machine on an empty cycle using hot water with a special cleanser to help remove any musty smells.

  • Bedding/Mattress –  Wash your bedding and pillows and vacuum your mattress to help get rid of dust. Make sure to spray your mattress with a disinfectant spray before you put your bedding back on your bed.

  • Bookshelves – If you have a bookshelf, remove everything on the shelf and dust. It’s also a good idea to dust each book or item on the shelves.

  • Walls – spot clean walls and corners where dust and spider webs may have formed.

  • Vacuum/Broom – After you have cleaned, wipe out your vacuum and clean off any dust bunnies that are stubbornly hanging onto your broom.

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