If you are house hunting in a neighborhood, there is so much that can be left to the unknown. Even if the house is immaculate at showing and the yard is divine, there could be hidden aggravations surrounding the community. While there is no one perfect community, the grievances need to be things that you can live with.  

Questions such as will you have nice neighbors? Do the neighbors have any issues with the current HOA? Is it a builders community and the current homeowners are having issues getting things repaired? These are just a few things that may cross your mind when purchasing or building a new home.

Luckily, with all the technology available today, doing some neighborhood research is within your reach. Nextdoor.com is a free app that lets you check into your future potential neighborhood. If you are interested in finding out about the safety of the neighborhood, this is the app for you. It can also be helpful even after you move in. You can post a lost pet, find a babysitter, and even look for recommendations for local doctor’s; all from your friendly new neighbors.

If you want to dive a bit deeper, check Facebook. Facebook groups are becoming the new norm among neighborhoods and there is a high probability your new neighborhood may have a group. These groups can really give a good insight into all the issues occurring within the neighborhood. If you find the neighbors are all complaining about the HOA, it’s worth looking into before purchasing the home. If the complaints are minimal or things you don’t find issue with, then it could certainly be the neighborhood for you!

With the excitement of a new home purchase, sometimes these factors can be overlooked, but doing the research is a good way to ensure you land in the home and the neighborhood of your dreams. If you’re ready to begin the hunt for the perfect home, give me a call today!

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